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For Individuals

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?  “Here’s to another day of outward smiles and inward screams?”

You don’t have to dread tax deadlines and tax return requirements. At WvdW we will tackle your tax from beginning to end…of the tax year.

WVDW Financial Services Inc

Personal tax

Our individual clients are as important to us as companies and we regularly assist with the following:
Information for financial institutions
Business start-up advice
Acting as executors of deceased estates
Drawing up of last will and testaments
Estate planning
Formation of trusts

We can drink mineral water, go vegan and exercise daily but we will all eventually die. So, do you have a will in place?

Ensure that your loved ones have a trouble-free experience when having to deal with your unfortunate death. We will gladly assist you with your estate planning and estate management.

Almost as painful as the thought of death, is a SARS tax audit. To have peace of mind invest in tax insurance – Tax Risk Insurance is simply the best protection against a SARS tax audit and dispute. If you are subjected to a SARS tax audit, we will appoint and pay for a team of top tax professionals who will defend you to ensure a fair audit outcome.

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