Meet The Team – Tracey

Meet The Team – Tracey

Meet The Team – Tracey

Tracey embarked on her journey in the realm of accounting when she joined MBS Accounting Services as a bookkeeper in 1997. With a fervent desire to excel in her field, Tracey pursued a Damlin diploma in Bookkeeping, fortifying her foundational knowledge in finance.

In 2003, she took a significant step forward by initiating her SAIPA learnership with MBS, under the mentorship of Shirley Olsen, the founder and owner at the time. Over the years, Tracey demonstrated unwavering dedication, culminating in her acquisition of 20% shares in MBS in 2008.

Her pursuit of excellence continued as she balanced her professional endeavours with academic pursuits. In 2007, Tracey proudly finalized her National Accounting Diploma with Unisa, a testament to her commitment to continuous learning. The following year, she conquered the final SAIPA board exam, ascending to the status of a full member.

Ever the diligent professional, Tracey ensured her compliance with regulatory standards, becoming a registered tax practitioner with SARS. Beyond her professional commitments, Tracey’s life was anchored by her family responsibilities. With two grown children and a sickly mother to care for until 2023, her personal pursuits took a back seat to her familial duties.

Despite the demands of her career and family life, Tracey found solace in the outdoors and indulged in activities like visiting the Vaal Dam, rivers, or the sea. In moments of relaxation, she found joy in puzzles, sewing, cooking, and tending to her garden.

In 2015, Tracey embarked on a spiritual journey, completing a three-year Bible college diploma, which added depth to her life beyond the realm of numbers and led her to reflect on her purpose and values.

In 2017, Tracey’s entrepreneurial spirit soared as she took the bold step of acquiring MBS in its entirety. However, recognizing the need for change and embracing new opportunities, she sold MBS to WvdW in 2023.

With the winds of change ushering in a new chapter of her life, Tracey finds herself with the prospect of reclaiming time for herself. While she acknowledges the absence of hobbies in recent years due to her rigorous work schedule, she eagerly anticipates exploring new interests and perhaps cultivating a hobby. As the dawn of this new era unfolds, Tracey remains steadfast in her commitment to her craft, yet open to the enriching experiences that lie beyond the confines of her professional sphere.