Trust Guide 2023 – Fact Sheet

Trust Guide 2023 – Fact Sheet

Trust Guide 2023 – Fact Sheet

This guide is designed for anyone involved with trusts: trust creators, trustees, beneficiaries and advisors.

It provides a clear and concise summary of the necessary information for the development of a basic understanding of trusts in South Africa.

The role of a trustee is not one that can be taken lightly, and recent legislation, effective 1 April 2023, aimed at improving transparency regarding the ownership of trust assets, places increased obligations and responsibilities on trustees.

Some of the key topics covered in the guide are:
  • The nature of Trusts in SA
  • Amendments to the Trust Property Control Act: 1 April 2023
  • SARS Reporting requirements for Trustees from 1 September 2023 due 30 September each year
  • Types of Trusts
  • Taxation of Trusts
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a Trust
  • Nature of Office of a Trustee, their rights and powers, and duties
  • The risk of personal liability of Trustees
  • Removal and termination of office of Trustees
  • Trusts as a financial and estate planning tool
  • Immovable property and trusts

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