Urgent Notice! – Fraudulent Actions On e-Filing

Urgent Notice! – Fraudulent Actions On e-Filing

Urgent Notice! – Fraudulent Actions On e-Filing

There have been fraudulent actions on e-filing in the past few months. It does seem that these activities originate from within SARS, but SARS obviously categorically denied it.

Emails or SMS alerting taxpayers to the requirement to authorise a change in their personal information by logging into the SARS website or to amend certain details on their e-filing are sent to taxpayers.

After receiving an email from SARS verifying their information has been correctly changed, most taxpayers approve the change, assuming that their tax practitioner has requested it.

Then, without the taxpayer’s knowledge, the fraudsters are able to access the taxpayer’s e- filing profile and potentially obtain contact and banking information. There have been cases where they changed e-filing login details, which prevented the taxpayer from accessing their own e-filing profile.

Some returns have been are altered to obtain a SARS refund and the refund is deposited into an unidentified bank account.

Even if the money was transferred to a phoney bank account, SARS will still ask the taxpayer to submit a correct return and settle the resulting SARS debt.

Therefore, if you receive any messages asking you to authorise changes to your personal information at SARS, please do not approve the changes under any circumstances.

Contact us immediately.